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Here you can learn about everything related to Survival and Prepping in the modern world.

TEOTWAWKIIt's a bewildering time we live in and being prepared for the unforeseen future can help in matters both minor and catastrophic. 

We live in a very comfortable world, but also a fragile one where the slightest disruption to the global trade system can send result in your local store being stripped bare within 72 hours. With this in mind it's wise to be mindful of the need to prepare and learn how to fend for yourself.

How do you prepare? What is prepping?

You owe surviving an emergency, disaster or even an apocalyptic  not only to yourself, but your family and loved ones as well! 

Statistically your odds of encountering an emergency are higher than a disaster or global collapse, but being knowledgeable about such things can mean the difference between a survivor and a fatality. In fact a person who has the survival mindset and knowhow to go with it can potentially help others stuck in a bad situation or event.

However, there is no quick-fix or easy way to learn survival. Resources like the internet and websites like this one will help but sooner or later you should get out into the wilderness to put your new-found knowledge and survival prowess to the test.

Where do you go about learning survival skills and knowledge? You're already here, now get exploring around!

Middle Terrain

Emergency Survival

Emergency Survival

Sudden Emergency! Shelter, Water, Fire and Food!

Medium to High Threat.

Everyday Survival


Your day-to-day routine may seem safe but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Low Threat Level (can vary depending on location).

Preparedness for SHTF

Bunker Entrance at Preparedness Levels

Preparing for hard times beforehand means you have resources to call upon, a safe refuge and protection protection danger.

Lessens and reduces the threat potential of disasters, SHTF events and hell on earth!


All Bets are off as a SHTF event ushers in a total collapse!

The beginning of the end? The start of a brave new era? It'll be a rough ride to say the least!

Very High Threat Level and Intensity.

Survival Retreat in the Wilderness

Remember! When the SHTF the time will come to put into action your survival skills. Don't be one of the helpless victims caught in the chaos! Be a survivor! Get prepared for ANY disaster or breakdown then you'll be a true Survivalist.
Fighting your way out of danger successfully is good, being out of the way beforehand is better.

Mindset and foresight are what separates a victim from a victim from a survivor. This is augmented by being knowledgeable, prepared AND armed for protection. Preparedness is often shorted to prepping and goes together well with survivalism.

Prior preparation and planning prevents poor performance in the field!

Making your own Arrow Fletchings

Mountain Hold Visit the links for more information on survival and preparedness.

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