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Adventures of a Survivalist Outlaw

This is a tale told to me by an unknown source and it is faithfully reproduced lest it's origin be lost or destroyed.

He is classic survivalist material, ex-military with 'acquired' weaponry and preps. Known only by his 'Starchild' handle, he lives life to the fullest.

This is a tale told to me by an unknown source and it is faithfully reproduced lest its origin be lost or destroyed. Since the NDAA Act and Snowden revelations he's never made internet postings or discussions and to prevent his material vanishing into the dusty depths of a forum-servers archives we've faithfully reproduced them here at

It should be noted right now that S-Info has had neither affiliation nor direct contact with 'Starchild' who maintains a very low-profile online these days.


Survivalist Mountain Adventure

When I used to live in Montana, in a little town called Plains (Population: approx. 1300), my friends and I heard a rumor about this mountain down near Saint Regis that was covered with weed, that naturally grew on it. According to legend, the mountain was heavily guarded by the Forest Service, and all access roads connecting to the mountain were under constant surveillance.

My friend Daemon and I talked about it, and came up with a plan for sneaking out there and finding out whether or not this was for real, because as far as we knew, no one had been out there in years. It was just a rumor going around the school.

So one night (about a month later), I drove my car out there at about 0100, with my friend Daemon. We parked the car approximately 2 miles away from the base of the mountain, and hiked in, using NVG's. We carried pistols, and enough supplies to sustain us for a week in case we had to E & E (Escape and Evade).

Using GPS, we navigated our way into the Forest Service's AO, and crossed through the perimeter. Once on the mountain, we began to search for these "trees" we had heard about for so long. Sure enough, they were everywhere, strategically planted in sections, under cover of the canopy to prevent detection by satellite or aerial photography. It was absolutely amazing. The smell was overwhelming, as if you were standing inside a zip-lock bag full of the best dank you have ever smoked, with the bag sealed.

We picked about a pound each from the trees, and proceeded to move back down the mountain, cautiously navigating towards our vehicle. By now it was about 0400. The sun would rise in about 2 hours.

Once at the base of the mountain, we entered a swamp-like area, which we had avoided on the way in, and in order to save time, we decided to go through it. It was only about 4 feet deep at the most, so we had to walk real slow through it, keeping our electronics and weapons above the surface. Survivalists In The Forest

After about 10 minutes of wading, we spotted a small patrol craft about 30 yards away from us, moving very slowly, with 2 men on board. The men were wearing woodland camoflage, and were armed with AR-15s and pistols. They also had NVGs on. We immediately froze, and sunk below as far as possible, while maintaining the equipment above the surface. They did not spot us, and passed us by, heading on silently through the swamp.

After waiting about 5 minutes, we proceeded on, exiting the swamp, and eventually arriving at the vehicle. By this time it was about 0700, and the sun was up and shining. We changed clothes really quick, and jumped in the vehicle, heading home.

We took the bud to a friend of ours who is very knowledgeable about that kind of thing, and had him take a look at it. According to him, this was some of the finest bud he had ever seen, and asked us if he could smoke some, to try it out. We agreed, and smoked some with him. Why do you think we took a pound each?

Anyway, we packed a bowl, and smoked only 1 hit each, to see what the effects where. After waiting about 5 minutes, it became obvious that we did not need to smoke any more! We were so #ed up, it wasn't even funny. All off of one hit.

Now, I've smoked bud that blazes you off of one hit before. However, bud that grows wild in the woods isn't supposed to be that powerful. Only bud that has been enhanced through experimentation can achieve that kind of effect on someone...


- Is it possible that the U.S. Government is growing bud on this mountain, for distribution or experimentation purposes?




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