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Survival Storytime

The story of a Survivalist is often a compelling one. Those who break away from the crowd to go their own way in life, often have quite a tale to tell and an adventure to go with it!

TEOTWAWKIThe tales I've collected and sourced are all a variety of fiction and non-fiction, either true or claimed to be the truth via internet forums. Yet these are stories nonetheless at the end of the day, whether told in a bar, barracks or a family home. I hope they are enjoyable and enlightening. Where possible I will designate the story origin with links etc. Some are actually works of fiction by authors too relating to the subject of preparedness and survivalism.

These are the positive tales but there are negative tales as well like that of the Ruby Ridge family wanting to get away from society or the Waco Davidians with their terrible clash against the full might of overbearing big-government. Nevertheless the story of survival goes onwards with more stories to be told in future times...

Remember, a prepper can be oftentimes stuck in a jam and trying to get out. The smart ones are normally already out of harms way when TSHTF but not always. Sometimes there are those in for the thrill of it. They may have families or loved ones stuck in the big city and decide to rough it out instead of making for safety.

In one of my tales, from the protagonist's perspective, just that exact thing happens!

"Charrak had no love lost for survivalists. They were armed, independent, opposed to his ways and he couldn't have that. It was reason enough to persecute any that would not surrender to him in Redmond. Only one redoubt eluded his wrath by boldly staging a breakout. They used wagons with home-made armor plating to burst out from a fortified compound guns blazing. It was a surprising and daring counter-assault that cost him over twenty-five of his men, including six Wolfhounds. They escaped onto the northeastern highway eluding their pursuers. The rest fell stubbornly to Charrak's forces though."

The survivors inheriting a brave new world in the aftermath of a major catastrophe or even a TEOTWAWKI have a massive challenge. Yet this is not necessarily the case for those that have the right temperament, locale and / or have prepared beforehand...

"Aspen leaves began to gather as autumn crept into the cusp of winter. The first truly cold winds began to blow through the distant valleys with gathering howls, even the plains below grew chilly in the silent hours.

In the month that had passed since Oakley's return the remaining crude shelters had slowly grown into fledgling cabins.
There was a good mix of people at the Hold. The ones that Oakley had brought with him tended to be hardy, and able to stand up to the rigors of the climate and settle the mountain. An unerring instinct had carried him to choose those with the right stuff to enter his new world and this had paid off dividends. People got on with their work and did not shirk or shy away from the hardship.

The Crafting folk had seen to setting up a greenhouse cabin. Its many glass panels were set up with wooden shuttering that would later protect against the winter snow. Yet for the time being it was helping to produce the last vegetables of the growing season. Augmenting the cottage industry were furs and skins from the hunting that would be bartered with in Tonswater.

The Crafters and Armsmen worked on the workshops along with a forge that was half-finished. An abandoned gold mine was explored fully just outside of the Hold. It was mostly mined-out at an industrial level but some gold could still be panned for in the rivers that ran down by it. Some weeks passed and they slowly became more savvy and skilled in the ways of their ancestors."


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