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The Survival Armory

Survivalists are very opinionated about what they should have in an armory. Some consider a minimalist approach best while others prefer to cover all the angles.

Survival Arsenal

If you have a large community or family then many different firearms tailored to their characteristics may be effective. Another way is to have many cheap bolt-action rifles like Mosin Nagants to equip trusted neighbors with in the event of TEOTOWAWKI or major disorder. Then there is the lone arsenal approach where one man owns many types of firearm. While this is a great way to collect and cover every conceivable approach, only one weapon can be shot at a time (if alone).

The issue is more complicated if you have a bug-out-location. It may be wiser to split some firearms so you only have the ones you need to hand, while you have others elsewhere at a retreat location.






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