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What is a Survivalist

What is a Survivalist? A Survivalist is someone who is forward-minded, committed to survival and does not give in against outside forces. As a reactionary force, it is one that rises when others shrink from adversity.

Where did it begin? In the mists of primordial times perhaps, in prehistory most definitely when things weren't quite so civilized. Unlike the animal species (with the exception reactionary force) Survivalism is something unique to humans.

Yet in modern times there are many people with a misconception about the word 'Survivalist', this is partly to do with the mainstream media portraying certain things in a negative light. These quite often out of context and fear-mongering (a form of mind-control) to keep the populace in line.

Yet for example when a person is NOT forward-minded, NOT committed to survival but decides to wage war against outside forces he is not a True Survivalist. He is something else entirely.

Which brings me onto the next thing, Survivalists and Firearms! They go well together and the media just loves pointing it out when someone gets arrested. In fact militia, firearms and survivalists. Now there's a combination to make the search engines buzz. Yet as you might have guessed, survivalists aren't typically militia forces with lots of firearms. They especially aren't plotting to cause havoc either. Not the ones I've met and I've met quite a few. You see being in prison, isn't really survival, it's more like a slow-death and no survivalist worth his salt wants to go there so by default wants to keep himself away from strife and trouble.

That's how it was for our ancestors too, it made no sense to become an outlaw and be exiled from family and friends for trying to rob neighbors for profit or gain.

Survivalist Vs Prepper

Since the 1990s the term 'prepper' has entered the lexicon of speech. This is usually denoting someone who prepares for hard-times by setting aside and buying extra resources. The reasonable assumption of a food shortage is a great reason to store food, supermarkets don't store much if there's a sudden disaster. The Mormons recommend at least 30 days worth for a family. If ammo is short it's a great reason to have enough ammo etc. Water is essential for life so having stored water from the utility company is also handy.
So the prepper has his supplies and then sits out the period of uncertainty in his house as the food supplies are elsewhere are stripped bare during a disaster. He is one step ahead of the game ain't he? The trouble comes when the angry horde are banging on the door and they want to see what he's got. That's when the prepper will realize his reasoning was sound in resources, but not in location.

That is an extreme example, most preppers can defend themselves, have contingency plans, evacuation routes that sort of thing, but the point is that prepper is a term or 'safe word' people like to use to distance themselves from those 'scary' survivalists. The fact is anyone who hasn't woken up to even the most basic of emergency preparedness will think a prepper is a weird and roll their eyes. For a survivalist, well they reaction can vary a whole lot more.

Yet any survivalist will tell you (if you are trusted) they were doing the prepping thing since before the term was invented. Just as people were surviving before the term Survivalist was coined in the 1970s. Yet there's another reason. Prepping is just preparedness, something any survivalist worth his salt carries out anyway as a matter of routine.

What brings both preppers and survivalists together is a loathing of ignorance, and often a shared distrust for big government and regulation. That's where the shadow of rome and monolithic authority memories stir and thus differences are put aside as they find an area away from all that to live free and happy. The preppers may move into a more survivalist mindset over time also.

As a final note, after I wrote this web page I google-researched the term and found that unsuprisingly Kurt Saxon (one of the founders of the Survivalist Movement) had made the original definition. I leave his words below for comparison:

"My definition of a Survivalist is a self-reliant person who trusts himself and his abilities more than he trusts the Establishment. Insofar as the Establishment is deteriorating, the Survivalist prepares to leave it." Kurt Saxon 1980.




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